Current Members

We would like to acknowledge our members, new and returning, who made contributions in the last 12 months

Creek Champions ($100+)

Thomas and Marianne Aude
Adriane and Barry Bosworth
Montelindo Garden Club
Randy Lamont
Cinda & Tom MacKinnon
David and Ann Parnigoni
Bernard S Rappaport
Allan Rose
Dan Rosenthal
Martha De Laveaga Stewart and David Stewart
Bob and Connie Stoops
Walterspiel Family
Mimi and Pete Wilson
Orinda Association
Orinda Garden Club

Creek Supporters ($50+)

Kathie Bain and Andy Norrel
Dvora and Eric Citron
Tanja Digrande
Richard Harland
Joey Judge
Richard May
Karen & Rick McGeer
Tom and Carol Morehouse
Lindy Novak
Schoppe Family
Timothy Silsbee and Kathy Eftekhari

Friends of the Creeks ($20+)

Dominic East
Julia Hollister
Carol Pachl
Paul Barrett, Jr.

Student Members ($3+)

Caitlin Lavrijsen

Lifetime Members ($600+)

Finally, we would like to acknowledge the individuals below who made a contribution at our Lifetime Level of $600 or above in the year listed below.

Michael and Susan McGowan (2015)