Current Members

We would like to acknowledge our members, new and returning, who made contributions in the last 12 months

Creek Champions ($100+)

Thomas and Marianne Aude
Reg and Kathy Barrett
Adriane and Barry Bosworth
Michael Bowen
Drakos Brown
Montelindo Garden Club
Pacific Gas and Electric
Randy and Jill Lamont
Barbara and Phil Leitner
Elizabeth O'Shea
Allan Rose
Dan Rosenthal
Constance and Robert Stoops
Brian and Anita Waters
Mimi and Pete Wilson
Danuta Zaroda and Mark Whatley
Cinda and Tom MacKinnon
Girl Scout Troop 33327
Orinda Garden Club

Creek Supporters ($50+)

Kathie Bain and Andy Norrel
Dvora and Eric Citron
Leesa Evans
Ellie and Bob Fisher
Richard Harland
David and Andrea Hop
Joey Judge
Willy and Susan Mautner
Richard May
Karen and Rick McGeer
Bruce McGurk
Lindy Novak
Mako Shoemaker
Timothy Silsbee and Kathy Eftekhari

Friends of the Creeks ($20+)

Leila Akky
Dominic East
Meggin Hollister
Kayla Summers
Nadine Watters
Paul Barrett, Jr.
Toris Jaeger

Student Members ($3+)

Carolyn Cheng
Evelyn Lewis
Caitlin Lavrijsen

Lifetime Members ($600+)

Finally, we would like to acknowledge the individuals below who made a contribution at our Lifetime Level of $600 or above in the year listed below.

Michael and Susan McGowan (2015)