Welcome 2017 Members !!

We would like to acknowledge our members, new and returning, who made contributions in 2017.

Creek Champions ($100+)

Adriane and Barry Bosworth
Montelindo Garden Club
Randy Lamont
Cinda & Tom MacKinnon
David and Ann Parnigoni
Bernard S Rappaport
Dan Rosenthal
Martha De Laveaga Stewart and David Stewart
Walterspiel Family
Mimi and Pete Wilson
Orinda Association
Orinda Garden Club
Gail Entrekin

Creek Supporters ($50+)

Kathie Bain and Andy Norrel
Dvora and Eric Citron
Tanja Digrande
Lisa Hales and Jim Lewis
Richard Harland
Tom and Carol Morehouse
Schoppe Family
Timothy Silsbee and Kathy Eftekhari
Constance and Robert Stoops
Brian Waters

Friends of the Creeks ($20+)

Dominic East
Evelyn Lewis
Julia Hollister
Carol Pachl

Student Members ($3+)

Jackie Andrews
Charlotte Lewis
Caitlin Lavrijsen

Lifetime Members ($600+)

Finally, we would like to acknowledge the individuals below who made a contribution at our Lifetime Level of $600 or above in the year listed below.

Michael and Susan McGowan (2015)